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If you said to me two years ago that I would be personally invited to the studio where they design Ted Baker, Vivienne Westwood and Karen Millen jewellery for a private tour and talks with their team, I would say that you're probably having a laugh. Each day blogging opens up more amazing experiences that years ago I would have only dreamt of. A few months ago I wrote a post for Zalando and blogged about a beautiful pair of Ted Baker earrings I was gifted and shortly after I was contacted by the Ted Baker jewellery team asking if I would like to browse their studio. I had planned to go down to London for some university work and decided that I would pop by. What I was about to experience was to enhance my admiration for beautifully crafted jewellery and make me fall in love with Ted Baker jewellery even more than I knew was possible. The only negative part of this experience was that my bank card now is screaming at me on a daily basis telling me to resist temptation and buy even more of their winter collection.


With Ted Baker jewellery, everything has a story and these tales are told through the intricate detailing of their products.  This Alana Tiara cuff is made to resemble the Queen's jewels and looks exquisite. When you lift the cuff it feels sturdy, well made and you can really see the beautiful craftsmanship that goes into the product. When I was at the Ted Baker jewellery studio I was shown how they use state of the art equipment to design these pieces in the studio, then use 3D printers to make dummy copies before hand making all the prototypes to see what they will look like ready for the final production.Everything is made with precision and the results look fantastic.

The Ted Baker winter line is made up of shimmering silvers, vibrant golds and lovely deep red, purple and brown autumnal colours, all embossed with the signature T sign. There are a lot of bows which look fantastic for Christmas, cute animal jewellery and of course the classics like the tempany earrings that I already have. What I loved about the collection is that all of the products look to have personality and a classic, yet elegant look to them. These products evoke the sense of 'treasure' and I could easily imagine an avid Ted Baker collector picking up all these items and passing them on to their future relatives as they're all timeless designs. One thing that really made me chuckle is that James, the Sales Director told me that one member of staff at the office loved her dog so much that she asked for her pride pooch to be featured on a piece of jewellery. That was the creative story behind the Carlar Cameo pendant that features a classic British Bulldog on a beautiful rose gold chain. Much of the Ted Baker jewellery line is made from unique ideas like these or a concept based around British heritage. Ted Baker is a British brand and you can easily see this shining through their pieces. If you love celebrating the fact that your British like me, Ted Baker is the perfect brand for you.


I had an amazing time at the studio and in all fairness, I enjoyed talking to the staff so much I could have stayed there for hours. As a leaving present, I was given this Glitz Beaded Cluster bracelet which I fell in love with when I first saw it on the counter. I love the colour,the fact that it glistens under the light and I'm sure this will look fantastic with a sparkly Christmas dress. I don't think I'll ever stopped being mesmerised by how beautiful it looks and I'm truly grateful to the Ted Baker team for giving me an unforgettable experience during my time in London.

What's your favourite item of Ted Baker Jewellery?


  1. Wow, how fantastic! I don't think I could pick a favourite!

  2. Wow what an amazing experience, it always blows my mind the amazing these as bloggers we get to do and this must of been a real highlight for you :)

    Laura x

  3. Wowwww lucky you! That's an amazing opportunity. The jewlery all look gorgeous.

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog :)


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