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I feel like a giddy little child looking at the date and knowing it it getting so much closer to Christmas. My Ciate advent calendar is teasingly resting on my beauty cabinet and every day I get the overwhelming urge to go open a door. To help relieve me of my 'Pre Christmas Tension', yep the time of the year where I'm getting way over excited about Christmas and turn into one of those annoying little children who repeatedly asks:"Is it time yet?", John Lewis has invited me to join their Blogger Secret Santa Campaign, with the promise of an early Christmas present.

The John Lewis Secret Santa campaign is where each participating blogger is allocated another blogger to gift a Christmas present to. We have a set amount of days to read through our selected blogger and learn all about them and when the time is up, John Lewis has kindly allowed to us to pick a present off the list to send to the blogger. On November 25th, Christmas will have come early for us bloggers and we will be able to share our wonderful surprises. I love the idea of this campaign as i'm always in such a giving mood around this time of year. Neither bloggers will know who has each other and it's going to be so fun seeing what they have selected for me. 

This isn't my first time playing Secret Santa, I've done this at school and amongst friends several times before. However a blogger secret santa sounds so much more exciting and I can't wait to share my experience with you.

Have you been a 'Secret Santa' before?


  1. i love doing secret santas haha!

    lovely post, i enjoyed reading!
    zofia xo

  2. Oh my gosh, I am the exact same way. I love the term "pre-Christmas tension" - perfect!

  3. Yay! I can't wait to get stuck into this. A little worried I'll pick something my blogger won't like though! Defs need to do a good researching sesh when we get our matches!

    Kerys | Little Bo Blab

  4. Secret Santa is always fun. Have fun.
    Dee x


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