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Looking back, I don’t think I can ever remember a time when there wasn’t online shopping. It’s weird to think of a life without Ebay, Amazon, ASOS, Net-a-porter and all the online giants that are around today.  I was thinking about this whilst walking through town with my shopping bags in hand as I mumbled to myself: “If I ordered this online, it wouldn’t even be here for a few days.” Granted, online shopping has become faster, but I’m so impatient when I buy my goods, I want them now. When I order online, I’m gripped into checking my dispatch notes and my heart pulsates faster when I get the text: “Your product will arrive today.” When I’m shopping in store, I have the buzz of getting the item there and then and trying them out soon as I get home. I’m such an old fashioned shopper; I like seeing and feeling the physical product.

 In some rare circumstances, there are times I opt to shop online. This is when I know I can get a better deal, save some money or if there isn’t a shop near me that sells the item I would like.  There are so many ways of online shopping these days and there are more and more opportunities to buy items that you wouldn’t always buy on a spree in your local town. As well as the online shopping becoming more expansive, it’s also becoming social. We’ve all told our Facebook friends what items we have recently bought or have done a sneaky plug to a store on Twitter. If you’re a blogger, you’re socialising about your shopping most of the time.

With shopping becoming more of a social experience, it’s no wonder that brands are getting in on the action too. The Cohorted is a brand new online, social shopping experience that allows people to save money by shopping socially.  The aim of the game is to get as many people interested in the product on offer and by buying in small groups with other shoppers the prices are pushed down. This benefits the company as they have a bulk of orders and the buyers get the products cheaper than retail price. 

The Cohorted website is due to be released  later this year, but to get us all excited they have launched The Mini Cohort’ exclusively on Facebook. The Mini Cohort is a smaller version of the website, but with all the same benefits.  Shoppers can look forward to a great selection of brands: 

·         MAC cosmetics
·         Dior cosmetics
·         Estee Lauder cosmetics
·         LancĂ´me cosmetics
·         TIGI hair care
·         And much more…

The current offer on the Mini Cohort is a TIGI Combo set which includes a 200ml Dumb Blonde Shampoo and the Urban Antidotes Re-energizer shampoo. 

I’ve used TIGI quite a lot in the past when I worked as a hairdresser and I’m in love with the brand. Every Christmas I make it a priority to go to the Clothes Show Live and grab a bargain on TIGI products, but I think I’ll try bidding on these products first to see how much of a discount I can get. Over all I think the idea of social shopping sounds like a fab idea. It sounds very much like an updated, more vibrant QVC.

Will you be trying out the MiniCohort?

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  1. This sounds like a great concept! I usually prefer to shop in person too, but when they're a great deal online, I can't resist!


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