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When thinking of the brand 'Sunkissed' my mind always turns straight to their range of popular self tanning lotions and potions. It's only recently I discovered their makeup range* and this has left me wishing that I had learnt about it sooner. Sunkissed are an animal testing free bronzing makeup brand. Their line includes a variety of bronzers, bronzing rocks, makeup palettes, dusting brushes and of course a delightful set of fake tans.

 When I first discovered fake tan, Sunkissed was my go-to product. I used to wear it regularly and was always happy with results from such an affordable tanner. Admittedly, since discovering other brands I have now strayed away, but this time Sunkissed has won me back over with their bronzers. I've always been more of a blusher girl than a bronzer babe, but having gone for darker hair, I've noticed my skin tone needs warming up or I look too pale. This is where the Sunkissed range has transformed my cheeks from Snow White to beach goddess. 

The first product i'd like to draw your attention to are the Sunkissed Bronzing rocks. I really like the idea of dabbing my blusher brush into this pot and being able to get a nice sprinkling of bronzer over my cheekbones. The product is a little bit dark at times and you have to be careful not to use too much, but I really like it. I think this product would work better for when I have fake tan on as it is a little bit darker than the other bronzer I'm going to mention. Nevertheless, I think this makes a great day to day product and having used it most days since it arrived, I can see that the product is nowhere near running out. At £6, this is fabulous steal for a more radiant you.

The lip and eye palette has given me mixed feelings. On a positive side I think the black eyeshadow is wonderful to work with and it's not too overly dark and perfect for a smouldering eye look. However, I feel that the product is similar to the cheaper generic eye shadow palettes you can get on the market and the other colours lack the vibrancy I would personally desire. For those who prefer their makeup more subtle or are looking for an affordable lip and eye palette to take on holiday this is perfect, but for me, i'll be sticking to using the black colour. 

Finally, the Sunkissed Metallic Bronze Blush is my favourite product in the collection and the one that I will definitely be repurchasing as it runs out. As mentioned before, I've always been a blusher girl and rarely buy bonzers. I think this product works so well because it's a mixture of blusher and bronzer, swirled into one product, giving you the warmth and the rose appearance of blusher in one application. After using the product, you will notice that it gives you a wonderful afterglow and it's great to use on a night out or in moderation for during the day. I've been wearing this frequently at my new job and I feel that it personally makes me look more alert and less pale behind the bar. At £4.49, this is one of the most affordable and reliable bronzers I have personally come across.

Have you tried any Sunkissed products?


  1. I've not heard of Sunkissed and I think they are beautiful colours! I think the bronzer looks really cool, especially the rock shaped bronzing powder is absolutely nice! Loved that idea!

    Please do visit mine as well, and if you'd like to follow back on GFC and Bloglovin let me know ^_^

    <3 Celly

  2. The Bronze Blush looks gorgeous! I've never heard of Sunkissed before, will definitely have to look out for them :)

    Jess xo

  3. ooo brozing rocks?! I had never seen this in poland! it's great!!!:) how much is it? kiss;*//

  4. I have never seen bronzing rocks before that actually scares me a little (: but great post!

  5. Haven't heard about this brand here in my country. It looks interesting. Loving the palette <3 ^_^ You look so gorgeous btw :)

  6. I love sunkissed, one of my favourite bronzing brands. I haven't seen the bronzing rocks though, so would really love to get my hands on these!


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