Mid Week Seduction: Date Night

At least once a month me and my partner schedule in our diaries 'date night.' It's a lot like the 2010 film with the fancy dining and dressing up, albeit all the drama that develops later in movie. This once a month night enables us to dress up, spend time with each other and really show our appreciation towards each other in the relationship. We're getting married next year, we spend every night already together, however once a month we like to make things a little bit special. This evening is a quadruple celebration where we will be raising glasses to my new job, our two year anniversary, the fact that we are getting married 12 months this week and the fact that my boy may have a new job too. We are going to our favourite Thai restaurant and a few sneaky cocktails afterwards. I like to think of date night as our classy evening, where we dress up looking like a million dollars and pretend we have all the cash in the world. In reality I'm just a student and he works in merchandising, but this night always allows us to have fun and make the most of being together.

I was approached by Brand Prix asking if I would like to do a review of some of their items. Brand Prix offers discounts on designer items, great for those who love a little luxury, but don't necessarily have the cash.We discussed whether there was any special occasions coming up or what I'd like to show you on the website. I decided to show you these wonderful bra and the Nina Ricci shower gel as I'm so used to showing you what I wear on a night out, but for obvious reasons what's underneath is concealed. I believe a women feels sexier if she's wearing a well fitted bra and a good perfume. It might just be me, but having talked to my friends a lot of them agree. I've needed a new bra lately, because my bust has gone down a size and my favourite red sultry bra looks like it belonged to a bustier woman than me. I'm very skeptical when it comes to bras and I often find it difficult to find one that fits me. With this coming in the post and not being measured in John Lewis sizing before I was slightly panicky. When the bra arrived, I was overjoyed by the fit and my breasts look like I've suddenly gone under the knife and their full of youth energy. The fit is very comfortable and you can easily forget you're wearing it, which is my perfect combination when searching for a bra. This John Lewis bra is £15 on the Brand Prix website.  

When opening the second item, I was greeted by a screaming older woman that threatened to steal it off me. This woman was my mother, a die hard Nina Ricci fan. She told me that Nina Ricci was the first ever expensive fragrance she bought and reminds her of her younger days. We both took the top of the shower gel and felt weak at the knees with the divine scent flourishing through the air. The Nina Ricci shower gel is a combination of floral scents and fresh scents that evoke femininity and sexuality. I've never been one for fragranced shower gels, but I've been wearing this none stop since I got it. I've had many compliments and my mum is still stealing it when she can do. By wearing this on date night, my skin feels soft, nourished and has a wonderful scent for my boy to sniffle all night long. The Nina Ricci, Ricci Ricci shower gel can be purchased from the Brand Prix website for £12.

What are your date night 'must haves'?



  1. This is really sweet! Good picks for date night too! xx

  2. We have date nights about once or twice a week, normally checking out a new local restaurant each time but they can be as varied as just going for a walk, having a take out to watching a movie. Anything that just gets us away from computers and phones is fine by me!

  3. I love Nina Ricci! It is so nice that it reminds you of your mother, so sweet!

  4. That's ever so cheap for such a lovely bra!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  5. Interesting post, dear! ^-^ I love your blog, it's so cute!



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