Lady in Leopard Print: Freshers Fashion

Tomorrow it's officially one week until the freshers week and I'm excited. Most third years spend their final freshers reminiscing on their first year of university and downing the pints anxiously thinking about their final year work. This year i'll be on campus and I'll be the first port of call to anyone willing to join the University of Huddersfield Pole Dancing society - here comes the stripper jokes.. I'm the Vice President of HUPDA and love every second of it. It's my job to recruit the fresh new blood and find some girls willing to embrace the new world of 'pole fitness'.  I'm a happy advocate of the sport and think it's fantastic way to improve your flexibility and make new friends. This year i'll be at the stand handing out flyers, chatting away and hopefully embracing all the new girls with a welcoming hug and a great big smile.

My other role at freshers is to talk about the student ambassador scheme within the university and I've been working there for the last two years. This job enables me to do what I love best - blog for a few hours a week about my university life for the university website. It's fun, I learn new things and it's a stable income whilst studying.

Whilst doing all this promotional work, it's vital that I look my best. Please ignore my frizzy hair and roots as I talk you through this outfit. These will be sorted before the end of this week.

I've spent quite awhile looking for a red leopard print dress, ever since I saw the bloggers favourite in Topshop a few years ago. Recently they've come back in fashion and a great alternative look classic leopard print trend this autumn. This dress is from the Tesco brand F&F. Admittedly Tesco is never the first place I look for clothing, but this season's collection is so wonderful that I'm tempted to buy more. This dress is the Limited Edition Leopard Print Crepe dress at £18. With leopard print being a big recycled trend each year, you could easily be wearing it all year through, meaning your very small investment of £18 would be definitely worth it.

I've teamed this dress with my chelsea boots and a pair of black tights. I will most likely be wearing my leather jacket on top as I'm very rarely seen out of it.

What do you think of this dress?



  1. Gorgeous dress and you look great in red! Xx. Pip

  2. Red is such a nice color on you. Love how your paired it with tights.

  3. You look stunning! I love that second picture of you. Your hair is gorgeous and that dress is so perfect for you!

  4. Your photographer must be very skilled! You look nice also :) very good blog

  5. Great boots! They look great with any outfit :)

  6. Leopard printttttttttt <3 ah yes!! I've found a good few F&F bargains through the years as well, surprising but so nice!! :D

    Holly Mixtures


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