Autumn Outfit Wishlist

London Fashion Week very quickly crept upon us and then suddenly has finished within a blink of the eye. This year we've seen lots of bold colours, fabulous patterns and an ample amount of leather. To celebrate or commiserate the finale of London Fashion week, I've decided to do one last wish list post. This wish list is a combination of high street and designer, much like London Fashion Week. In my personal opinion, I've always stated that I prefer to have a few designer accessories and a lot more high street gear, because it's easier to mix and match. You can take one Topshop jumpsuit similar to the one and above and add a few designer items to give the item a sense of luxury and glamour. 

The other day I walked into Topshop and was blown away by the vibrant colour of this orange jumpsuit. The colour very much reminds me of those auburn leaves that fall off the trees at this time of year and looks very autumnal. I could see the jumpsuit being fun to wear, yet evoking a sense of sophistication. I really need to try this on next time I'm in store.

The second item on this list is a beautiful Ivory Cup Sleeve jumper by the designer Chalayan. I was browsing the Avenue 32 website and fell in love with it. It looks really cosy and versatile and I could imagine this going with so many outfits I own. This jumper would look great over the Topshop jumpsuit to give a slouchy yet glamorous, dressed down vibe.

Yet again on my wishlist is another pair of Kurt Geigers. I don't think they ever bring out a line of shoes that I don't want to buy. I love the look of these wedges. Finally, I'd bring the whole outfit together with the bag leather handbag from River Island. I've had many River Island handbags in the past and they've lasted me for a very long time, I can't wait to buy another.

What do you think of this outfit?


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