Nude Beauty Favourites

Although I spend a lot of time playing with hair extensions and vibrant coloured lipsticks, natural beauty is something that remains important to me. I believe that having a selection of nude makeup on hand is always important for those days when you want to embrace the natural you. During summer, I'm always wearing natural looking makeup as I think it compliments my tan more and usually requires minimal effort. There's nothing prettier than a girl during summer looking makeup free with tousled hair and beautiful floral dress - this is totally the 'inner hippie' of me coming out in this post.

Today I thought I'd show you a few of my current makeup favourites that I can't stop wearing. These are the new Beauty UK Masquerade posh palette* and the Atelier Paris new lip range.

The new Masquerade palette by Beauty UK is the perfect selection of everyday eyeshadow, in very earthy yet glamorous colours. Each eyeshadow is highly pigmented and works well without a primer. If there's any complaints it would be that they are a little bit too powdery and you need to make sure you shake off the excess, but this is a very minor complaint. I've found the eyeshadows delightful and the touch of sparkle embodied in the palette makes your eyes look beautiful and shimmering. Another aspect I love about this palette is the fact that the colours are very versatile and can be worn all the year long throughout the varying seasons. The lighter colours are great to last you until the end of summer and the darker colours will give you a head start to your autumn makeup collection.

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My new lipsticks I cannot stop wearing were kindly sent to me by Atelier Paris* and they're part of the Atelier Paris Waterproof lipstick range that contains 2% jojoba oil to keep your lips moisturised. The two colours in the image are both are the 'Sandy Pink' on the left and 'Gypsy' on the right. The lipgloss in the centre is the 'Beige Dore'. 

When I first tried this lipsticks, I was blown away with scent and taste. It feels like something j really fruity and sweet has touched your lips and your mouth starts to water. I love fruity inspired lip glosses and lipsticks so this was an added bonus that I didn't expect from the lipsticks. The actual quality of the lipsticks are better than I expected. I didn't know much about the brand and for £14, it's very similar to the price of MAC. Whilst on my work experience, I wore this lipsticks back to back all week and after trailing the products I realised that they stayed on all day, was unaffected by what I ate and the scent I loved was still with me by the end of the day. This makes these lipsticks definitely worth the £14 price tag. In fact, I've worn higher end lipsticks that have rubbed off easier than these. 

What are your nude beauty favourites?



  1. You look so pretty! Love the freshness of natural looking makeup :)

  2. This looks gorgeous! Great look! xo

  3. Nice neutral makeup. I really like it ^_^
    Maria xx

  4. I love the beauty UK palette!! the perfect selection of colours :)


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