From Rags to Riches: Wish Want Wear

As a young girl, I always dreamt of being a little princess. Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty were my icons and I hoped that one day I would be surrounded by beautiful gowns and shoes. These days I'm a penniless student from Huddersfield trying to climb up on the social ladder and leading a life far from what I envisioned at 10 years old. However, when the dress hire company Wish Want Wear contacted me about reviewing a designer dress, at least one of my wishes had been fulfilled. Wish Want Wear are a company that offers a variety of designer dresses that you can rent over a 4 or 7 day period. There's everything from Herve Ledger and Cavalli to Temperley and Missoni, all at a click of a computer mouse. The prices range from as little as £35 to as much as £200, depending on the price of dress you would like to hire. I've always been fascinated by the dress hire companies and not having the budget for a designer wardrobe, I'm instantly drawn to sites like these. 

When I was asked to choose a dress to review, I felt like it was an impossible choice. Like a child in a candy shop, I wanted everything and anything I could get. After much deliberation, I finally decided on this gorgeous Suzannah dress. I picked this dress not only because I loved the pattern, but it reminded me of the 1950s era I'm in love with. Anything that shows off my curves and makes me look like an extra on Madmen would be perfect in my wardrobe and if I had a spare £755, this dress would definitely be making its way there. The style is very flattering for any body shape and fits like a dream - pulling the waist in, clinging to those boobs and giving you curvy feminine hips. As with many designer dresses, unless it states it has elastane, i'd always go for a size bigger. I'm usually a petite size 8, but I definitely needed a size 10 in this beauty.

The service from Wish Want Wear was fantastic and although I would have preferred my dress to arrive a little more classier than a cardboard box, I've found the whole hiring experience faultless so far as I have yet to return it. Would I hire a dress again? Depending on how much it costs to hire it, yes definitely. £110 for me personally was a little too steep for this dress, but anyone wanting a beautiful frock at the fraction of the price shouldn't hesitate in paying that much. The best thing about Wish Want Wear is that they have various dresses from different budgets and I could easily spend £50 hiring a dress for a friends or family wedding or special occasion. By loaning me this dress for the weekend, Wish Want Wear made me feel like a princess and it's what every girl deserves once in a while. So why not have a treat and try it for yourself?

Which dress would you choose?



  1. that is amazing! I'm so glad that there are dress rentals around nowadays! like you said perfect for occasions!

    Such a pretty dress on you as well :)

  2. Such a great service! The dress is lovely, too, you look amazing!

    Jess xo

  3. Its such a great service! x

  4. Amazing dress! I love that you can rent :)

  5. What a beautiful dress, I want it! You are very lucky. I am not even going to *look* at the site though, as temptation is fatal!

  6. This dress has such lovely vintage styling! I received an e-mail from them as well, but haven't looked at the site yet. I may need to! I'm moving from the US to Germany in a few weeks and my farewell party is going to be a masquerade ball! I definitely know what you mean about Belle. Seriously. She lived in a castle with a library (!!!), had talking cutlery and got to twirl around in a ballroom in a huge gown to the tune of a singing teapot! Sounds like the life to me! I followed you with GFC and Blog Lovin. Hope you can follow back!

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    PS~ I have a giveaway going on now!

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