Designer Glamour on Prom Night

Designer Glamour On Prom Night!

It doesn’t come much more glamorous than prom season! This is a really exciting time of year for university graduates and college graduates because prom nights represent a major milestone that has been reached. However, prom nights are more than that. They also give girls the perfect opportunity to get dressed up to the nines and demonstrate how style savvy they are!

Only weddings come close to giving people that opportunity and they are all too few and far between. Even at a wedding you are under orders not to upstage the bride, but no such rules exist on prom night! You’re free to be as glamorous as you like.

So what sort of dresses are perfect for prom night? It’s not always easy to tell, but you can often rely on the designers to give you a helping hand. Your prom dress ought to stand apart from the other day dresses and formal dresses in your collection for its quality and its sheer impact.


Remember that there is always a record of prom nights in the form of hundreds of photographs. You’re bound to appear on them so go for a dress that really works with your figure, your hair colour, your eyes and your make-up. You need to pick something that gives you a complete look and style clashes must be avoided.


Designers take a pretty varied approach when it comes to colour. Some prom dresses have neutral tones that are really tasteful, especially if you have quite a dark skin tone or dark hair. If your skin tone is a touch paler then you might want to introduce a bit of colour. Fortunately, the designers are happy to help with stunning collections of bright and beautiful dresses.


If you are proud of your legs then there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have them out on prom night, but don’t feel obliged. Maxi dresses demonstrate your classy side but shorter varieties with layered net skirts are cute and doll-like. It might come down to what shoes you have on. If you love your prom shoes then hiding them away under a long dress might represent a wasted opportunity!


Take your time choosing the ideal dress. There’s no harm in ordering a couple of candidates and trying them on at home with your favourite shoes – even with your hair and make-up done in a full-on dry run of the event! This will help you find the designer dress that you feel most comfortable in. Comfort relies on a number of factors. You have to be comfortable with the materials, the fit and how much flesh is one show. Only when these things coincide can you be sure you’ve got the right shape. Then you can focus on the impact it makes when all the pieces are in place!

Angie Best tried on countless designer dresses from Forever Unique in her quest for the perfect graduation outfit. She decided on a cute nude number to go with fabulous heels and understated jewellery.



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