Fabb Events Leeds Meetup

Yesterday I embraced the rain to hit Leeds for a spot of shopping with my partner and to attend the FABB Leeds meetup. Despite the horrible weather, the day turned out to be fantastic and I have so much admiration for Tor and Ray who managed to create such a successful event.

Meeting fashion and beauty bloggers for the first time is always something that daunts me. They always look stylish, immaculate and I often feel like - do I really belong here? Then within seconds, I feel at home and I'm gossiping about the latest release from MAC or talking about our recent 'lust haves'. I met so many wonderful fashion bloggers yesterday and I quite missed talking to them when I left. We bonded over the sight all of the beautiful cupcakes, enjoyed chit-chatting about all the presentations and best of all, traded tips of the trade whilst drinking cocktails...or Cranberry juice in my case.

The cakes were created by 'Rosie the Cake Maker' and tasted absolutely divine. I loved the attention to detail on all the frosting and the little FABB logos. It really made the event feel homely and all the bloggers took time out to take so many pictures.

For those who have never heard of Fabb Events - the whole afternoon was created by fashion and beauty bloggers Tor and Ray. They were very accommodating hosts, constantly asking if everyone was having a good time and making sure that everyone received their goodie bags.

Bloggers were treated to several presentations by various brands such as: Cloud 9, Health Point Ltd, Chiara fashion and Ark clothing. Throughout the afternoon there were various giveaways and lots of opportunities to ask questions. Chiara clothing did a really big giveaway with 10 lucky girls all walking away with various new clothing. Unfortunately I did not win (forever unlucky), but I'm looking forward to seeing all the other girls prizes on their blogs.

One of my favourite presentations of the day was from the Best British Bloggers girls. They were very amusing and kept us all giggling at the thought of pugs. It was fun to learn more about the brand and particularly exciting for me as I will be doing work experience with them in a few weeks time and it was the first I got to meet some of the team.  

The final presentation was by the ever so stylish Ark Clothing girls. They looked so trendy and really sold the outfits to us bloggers. Ark clothing have revealed that there will be lots of dip dye clothing, pastel leather skirts and funky tee's coming up in the next few months - I know where my wage will be going. I'm particularly seeking this cute little dip dye skirt that I knew I had to show you all. 

Before we left, we were all given various goodie bags to take away with us. I'm still in shock by the quantity of products we have been given and most importantly I'm so excited to blog about them all. Goodies included samples from: Elemis, St Moriz, Health Point Ltd, Witch Hazel, Batiste and Neal and Wolf and many more.

The event was so much fun and I really enjoyed meeting everyone. If you're a blogger, I cannot recommend Fabbevents enough and I can't wait until the next one.

Did you go to the Leeds meetup?



  1. It was such a good day! Glad you had a wonderful time. I am SOOOO glad you managed to cut me off the Chiara photo! PHEW!

    Claire and I were absolutely astounded at the amount of gifts which were in the bag. I'm really excited to try them all out. Especially the Neal and Wolf heat protectant which was in mine :)

    - Bryden xx

  2. ahh i had such a good time too and how lovely were the goody bags! ox

  3. i had a great day, shame the room wasnt a little bigger so we could have mingled a bit more, i was stuck in the corner most of the day lol xx

  4. It looked like such a fab event and the goody bag is filled with gems, glad you enjoyed!

    A little bit Unique


  5. How have I not found your blog before? It's 'mazing!
    I recognise you from the weekend, you definitely should of said hello! :)

    http://danielleyc.com xx

  6. Looks like you had a great time and you were utterly spoilt xx

    ide love if you checked my blog out x 1stepclosereveryday.blogspot.com

  7. Was lovely to meet you there! xx

  8. Oh looks like you had a fab day xx


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