Prepped For Valentines

Getting prepped for Valentines day is no easy task. It's the one day of the year that I always want to feel sexy and like arm candy for my husband-to-be as we take our seats at our regular favourite restaurant. Tonight we will be dining in candlelight, eating Thai food, which is of course my favourite.

My makeup look today is bold, yet demure. I'm wearing fake eyelashes with black cat flick mascara, coupled with relatively nude blushers and lipstick.  

Stepping away from the makeup, my hair is one of my problem areas. It never does as it's told, so on Valentines day I know I have to be extra vigilant.  My approach this year was to invest in a good sturdy  brush and a small hair kit that would give me the thick, long and wavy tresses I desired for this evening.  Of course I'm wearing hair extensions, but it's important my own hair is in good health. When the rest of your hair looks hideous, hair extensions don't blend that well - especially when it comes to my hair. 

This evening I used my new, really cute Denman brush that comes with a small lip balm covered in kisses. This brush will be taking place in my handbag tonight, as it's the perfect size for travelling and I would love to show it off. Durin my time as a hairdresser, I loved using Denman brushes on clients. they were an easy way to get straight, beautiful hair whilst blowdrying and also proved successful in getting knots out of girls with incredibly long, fine hair.

Denman Brush £7.31

My next fail safe hair kit was the Berber Oil hair mask and shampoo. The Berber Oil duo have argan oil in them that help restore dry and damaged hair. The hair mask can be left on for up to five minutes for extra shine, which has proved rather successful for this evening. Finally, the kit includes a lovely mini berber oil perfect for blowdrying and keeping away all the damage  My hair looks the healthiest it has been in a while. The Berber oil kit costs around £9.75.

I'm looking forward to my meal out this evening and feel incredibly glamorous  What are you doing for valentines day?



  1. Aww Jess you look stunning :)
    Your lashes look great, really natural looking for fake lashes, which brand are they?

    Kerys -xo

  2. You look gorgeous, and so you should feel very glamourous! I really want to try the Berber Oil kit now! My hair is so damaged atm!

    Amy x

  3. The eyelashes are from the new Kim Kardashian range that will be getting reviewed in a few days!



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