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I'm sorry for my recent blogging absence, with lots of university work on the horizon and a busy life scheduling driving lessons, wedding planning and of course the recent celebrations of valentines day, my blog has unfortunately bared the brunt of it all. However, I'm back and here's a post on the beautiful Khroma Beauty cosmetics line.

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For those who have never heard of Khroma Beauty, it is the recent endeavour of the famous Kardashian sisters. The line has come under lots of scrutiny due to it's lawsuit on trademark infringement, but besides all the controversy  I think the beauty line is fantastic and value for money. 

Shebang Palette
A few weeks ago, I was kindly sent a few preview items from the collection. There are various sites online that are selling the products, but currently there is no Khroma beauty UK website. The set I was given to review included: The Nude Lip Set, The Khroma beauty Kardazzle palette and Shebang eye set. The packaging is very glamorous and the colours are natural, yet sexy. There's a lot of glitters and colours that are perfect for those who love a Kim K smokey eye look and the eyelashes work well to amplify your eyes. I wore the eyelashes on Valentines day and they stayed on all night with no problems. In fact, they are probably the best eyelashes I have worn in a long time. 

The product I've used the most from the kit is the Khroma Beauty Lipgloss and lipstick, which I'm wearing in the image above. The colour is so natural and gives the lips a glamorous glossed look. The gloss applies really well and isn't as sticky as most lip glosses I have used in the past. I tend to avoid lipsticks that are unnaturally sticky as food clumps or a 'trout pout' isn't always the best look. Unfortunately the lipstick does not live up to the same level as the lipgloss. I found that the built in lip liner broke very easily and the lipstick faded rather quickly. My opinion is very much split on this product as I love the way it looks, but I feel like not much effort has gone into making the product long lasting. 

The next item is the Khroma Beauty Kardazzle set. This is probably one of my favourite little compacts due to it's handbag size and the beautiful array of colours. I quite like the snake skin effect on the lid, however I think some people could perceive it as tacky. It's all down to individual tastes on snake skin - I'm not fond of it on clothing, but it really helps this little compact have a glamorous appeal. 

Khloe Kardazzle
The colours are all very natural and perfect for the spring season. There isn't a colour that I don't like and although the quality may be a little lacking, the colours very much resemble the Naked palette that many bloggers love. The Kardashian have clearly done their research into popular shades on the market. The compact has 8 eye shadows  two blushers and a highlighter.  I've heard many mixed reviews on the pigmentation of these products, but I think they are pretty good considering the price. Each of the shadows I have tried managed to last whilst I was out in town or having a full day university and the baby pink blusher is  such a gorgeous colour. 

Khloe Kardazzle
The prices of these products vary from £15 to £20, which is rather affordable for a celebrity cosmetics line. For any fan of the Kardashian, I really would recommended this set. Each one of the sisters have used their trademark colours to bring you naturally beautiful cosmetics. If I had one little niggle about the line, it would be that the colours don't last as long as I would like, but then again, for £15 I wouldn't mind the odd reapplication. If you're wanting a little bit of Kardashian style in your makeup draw, go for it. 

Would you try any of these products?


  1. We don't seem to have the line where I live just yet, but I have heard mixed things about it. I think the snakeskin effect on the lid is really cute! I think the set looks quite nice and your makeup look is lovely.

  2. Wow these all sound and look amazing - the eyelashes look incredible! I've never tried fake eyelashes but I really want to so maybe I'll treat myself to these :) Love all of the eyeshadow shades!
    Love Holly x

  3. so obsessed with the kardashian sisters! love al, their collections xx

  4. Your makeup looks very pretty, thinking about to get or not the nude lip set! Big hugs honey <3

  5. The Kardashians can do no wrong in my book. This line looks lovely!

  6. I know exactly what you mean about uni work, SOOOOO much going on right now its so hard to fit blogging in to - but I always do so my university priorities are clearly not in order!

  7. I love your eyelashes

    kisses from

  8. khroma beauty! i would really love to try any of their products!

    xo Sarvin

  9. The bottom two palettes look beautiful xx


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