Hooked on Instagram!

Last week I got a new phone - the HTC One X and ever since, I've had a slight obsession with Instagram. For those who don't know what Instagram is, you can take pictures on the go and show everyone what you're doing. Like most things however, it is very addictive. I can't go shopping without taking the odd photograph and I like to show everyone what I'm cooking. Even cleaning the house is becoming something I want to share with the whole world. 

The above picture illustrates exactly what i've been up to this week. The leopard print blouse and the cape coat are two things I fell in love with this week whilst shopping. Unfortunately I couldn't afford both, so I decided with the coat for now and the blouse next week. A lot of my time has been dedicated to organising my media portfolio and this is shown in the centre image. I had papers all over my bed in an attempt to get organised, a trait I often lack. The rest of the images are filled with my cooking, products I'm going to be writing about soon and the fish bowls that I drank with my fiance on Saturday. We visited a bar called Varsity and drank with friends until the end of the night, perfect way to spend the evening.

What have you been doing this week?



  1. Wow i love that leopard print blouse, looks so cool :)

    Sophierosehearts x

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