Day visit to London Fashion Week

Friday 14th September was my first ever time at London Fashion Week and although I'm gutted that I couldn't stay the entire week, I can happily say I've had a fabulous time. Getting up at 3am to catch a coach down to London was exhausting and when I arrived in London my hair was all messed up and I felt anything but glamorous. 

The first item on the agenda was the Graduate Fashion Exhibition. Everyone displayed such amazing designs and I was shocked by the intricacy of some clothing. My favourite designs was by far Maia Bergman's collection. They look very 60s inspired and easy to wear. If money was no object, she would definitely be the designer i'd ask to custom design an outfit.

The Maria Grachvogel catwalk show was next in line, situated at Somerset House. We were treated to popcorn and water, whilst watching an array of beautiful earthy coloured clothing. The first models to walk out looked very angelic in white and showed how a clean silhouette could transform the body.Later in the show, we were introduced to splashes of bold colour and outfits that looked effortlessly elegant. 

The final show I attended was the Merit Award Winner.  The Heohwan Simulation brand won the £25,000 award that enables the designers to launch in London and Paris over three seasons. The collection had lots of crystal whites, shimmering metallics and bold yellows with a futuristic appeal. 

I had such an amazing time in London, I really didn't want to leave.

Have you done anything interesting lately?



  1. I love that coat you're wearing! You definitely look chic in that outfit. Sounds like you had fun :)


  2. sounds like you have had a amazing time and you looked really nice in the outfit you were wearing , looking at your blogs give me lots of ideas thankyou

  3. You look great in your outfit, love the cape! :)
    I'd love to go to London fashion week.. it's just such a trek and I couldn't go alone.. :/
    Sounds like you had a great time! :)

  4. I wanted to go to LFW so badly. Looks incredible.
    Loved your blog for ages - you're very inspiring. Congrats with everything :)
    Anna. x

  5. You definitely look very LFW-worthy in your outfit! Looks like you had an awesome time :) x

  6. So glad you were able to experience some of it! This looks wonderful!

  7. I wish I got to go, but it looks wonderful!!


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