London bound.

Yesterday I grew up...a few years too late, but I did it. I boarded the train at 7am promptly and headed to London on my own for the first time. I instantly felt the 'travellers bug'. There is no better feeling than having a train ticket and the whole world at your feet. I finally felt like the independent, soul searching woman that I should be.

You may be thinking, this is not a big deal? The truth is, I had an extremely bad fear of travelling when I was younger.  I don't know where the fear derived from, but it was the vein of my life. I would often have surreal panic attacks and feel insanely nauseous within two seconds of hitting a trains platform. An utterly strange occurrence was when I got too scared of going to my ex boyfriend's house alone. I can't explain the feeling, it just happened.

One day I woke up and realised I had to conquer this fear, so I booked a train to a nearby city called Leeds. I hesitantly clambered on to the train shaking like a leaf, I handed the conductor my ticket and when I reached my location, I felt the biggest sense of achievement in my life, heck - my GCSE results felt less significant than this.

Pass forward a few weeks and here I am, home from a very long, yet amazing day in London after spending the day with a national magazine known as 'Reveal'.  Dressed to kill with my little red outfit and stiletto heels, I  felt confident and that I could actually hack this whole scenario. I met lots of fabulous people who work for the magazine and two incredibly inspirational women that were also the focus of the photoshoot I attended. The article will focus on three people who have lead different diet plans to lose a substantial amount of weight and hey, I'm one of them. The day was absolutely perfect and I would happily do it all over again. 

The lesson I learnt :

Live for the moment and over your fears, because you cannot predict the future and you do not know what exciting opportunities the  future may bring.




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