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Today happened to be one of those spontaneous trips to town, which resulted in a lovely swim and then a little bit of shopping. I haven't been in Superdrug for a while and I had the urge to buy something. To be honest, my cosmetics draw is getting relatively full, but it didn't stop me and I came home with a few lovely items.

The first thing I bought was this absolutely gorgeous product by MeMeMe cosmetics, which is the "Seventh Heaven" moisturising face base. On the first impression, the box looked lovely and when I opened it I loved the little container it came in, it looked vintage esque and I couldn't wait to smell what was inside. When I opened it, it smelt lovely. As soon as the lid is lifted, you can instantly smell the citrus fusion of lemons, limes and oranges, which is quite refreshing if you're using it as a 'pick me up' first thing in the morning.

average price is £15 

According to the packaging the product is "Rich yet light weight and is enriched with Shea butter, Vitamin A and Beta-carotene to rejuvenate, nourish and hydrate skin". When I first felt the texture of the product, I was worried that it was a little bit thick and it would feel too heavy against my skin, but I was wrong and like the package explained, it felt really light weight. Once the product was applied, I could smell the citrus fruits for quite awhile and it was really nice and refreshing. This product is a face primer and it did it's job brilliantly, my makeup applied really easy and overall I was really happy with the results. I'll definitely be trying more MeMeMe products in the future.

I also bought this cute little shirt from a charity shop today for £2. I'm trying to apply for lots of jobs at the moment, so I guessed this could come in handy - plus it looks lovely paired with a nice pair of shorts for the summer.

Anyone else been shopping today?



  1. I haven't been shopping today, but the boy won me a teddy bear.

    Just wanted to say, lovely post :) xxx

  2. I did heaps of shopping over the weekend so nothing today but thanks for blogging about this I saw it in Superdrug and was tempted to buy it, I might just give it a try now because I love Citrus smelling products. Please can you do a review on this product after about a week or two? I'll probably get one on the weekend.

  3. I don't think I've ever come across this brand. I love the packaging though :)


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