It's almost that time again...

Grab those band t-shirts, dust down them tents and grab a bottle of Jack - it's almost festival time.

Each June, I make my annual voyage to a UK festival known as Download Festival. The event has played host to thousands of great heavy metal and classic rock bands and gives me a chance to bring out my inner "rock chick".

Aerosmith at Download 2010
ACDC  Download 2010
Me in 2010 - looking slightly curvier.
I've been lucky enough to have seen the greatest bands such as, ACDC, Aerosmith and KISS, to name but a few and I'm so excited about this year.

With the run up to Download Festival and many others, I have decided to regularly post about the festival essentials from the basic beauty needs, to the best outfits to wear.

This week I'll be discussing dry shampoo:

Pictured above, are my favourite dry shampoo's.

The one on the far left is Batiste Diva - dry shampoo and the other is Scandalous hair - dry shampoo. Both of these can be purchased at most local drug stores, such as Superdrug or Boots.

Dry shanpoo's are a festival must have - your bound to get everything chucked at you and a weekend with no showers is hell. Every girl needs a little pick me up that is slightly better than using ice cold water. I've been there, done that and will probably have to do that again,but at least this is an affective method of hair washing.


1) Shake well
2) Spray cm away from the head and apply evenly.
3) Brush out.


Batiste Vs Scandalous

Smell: I love the smell of Scandalous products, I could sniff them all day. The Batiste isn't that bad either, but the Scandalous product smells sweet and feminine.

Shampoo: Batiste works slightly better at cleaning my hair than the Scandalous product. It's quite effective with minimal effort, whilst I feel that I need to apply more with Scandalous dry shampoo.

Finish: The Scandalous product makes my hair quite shiny and I really like it. The Batiste product seems to add a slight volume to my hair,so it really depends on what look I would like to achieve.

Overall: I love them both and would happily recommend both products.




  1. Oooh I'm so jealous! I would love to do a festival this summer! My friends are heading to Primavera next week and I hate them! :(

  2. Ah, so jealous! Hope you have an amazing time out there!


  3. Have fun! :)

  4. You're a total rock chic! WOW! I'm usually worried that the people will squash me. ;)

    I love the whole James Brown range, all products smell divine! X

  5. I like your blog.<3


  6. great tips!
    the festival sounds like a lotta fun!

  7. Ahh i wish i was going to download this year=( i wanted to so badly! Lovely post misses=] xxx

  8. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I followed you.x

  9. Thanks for your comment and for being my 50th follower! (is that correct english? I don't know haha)
    You've talked about two thing that I really need to try: dry shampoo and going to a festival!

  10. i've actually never tried dried shampoo. it would probably be really good for those days i have no time to stick my hair in the shower and air dry it. i should give it a chance.

  11. Festivals are so much fun! I haven't tried dry shampoo either... maybe I will look it up :)
    Thanks for your comment :)
    Much love,

  12. Im going to Download Festival too. Got my Tent, blow up matress (first time i've brought that) Batiste blush in the massive suitcase (big enough for 2 cases of beer/cider with the wardrobe).

    Question. Last time i used batiste for a festival (lets be honest you dont want to use the showers because they are disgusting so plenty of wet wipes and dry shampoo are needed) my hair ended up looking like a birds nest and was massive (not in a good way)

    Any hints for keeping the do looking good?


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