My Favourite Things

Yet again, I've been a naughty girl and shopped far too much. It's so difficult when there are so many nice things on sale right now and even more when there's a lot of vouchers and discounts floating around. Here's a rundown of some my favourite things that I have recently bought.

Floral Dress
I picked up this floral dress in House of Fraser the other week and I'm in love. 

Clinique Mini's

I think I'm all stocked up for summer. I decided to buy yet another Glamour magazine yesterday, because I wanted to try the moisturising lotion.My verdict? It's okay but it's not my favourite Clinique product. I applied it and I didn't feel much different apart from having moisturiser on my face. Maybe if i tried it a little more I would get some better results.

The little pink tub is Clinique's "All About The Eyes". I adore this product. I got this sample pot a few months ago but I recently found it again this week. I thought since I was showing you all the other travel sized Clinique  products I would get it out. You apply this product, lightly under the eyelids and it's supposed to make you look wide awake. I have to say that it does exactly what it says for me and I'm so glad I found it.

No7/ Ruby and Millie Vouchers

I should be getting annoyed with these because I've been spending far too much on cosmetics but I've been incredibly happy to receive them. I still have one more to spend in my purse but I'm hoping for my bank accounts sake, this will be the last...

Have you been shopping lately?



  1. Ooh I love your dress!! I have a slight addiction to floral! I got the lippy in glamour but think I'll be buying another thing too, ha xx

  2. That floral dress is perfect for Spring! The belt is a nice touch.
    Oh, oh, those £5 off vouchers are SO good, aren't they? I used it to buy the Intelligent Foundation the other day. I'm going back to scour for more things since they are having all sorts of promotions

  3. I have three £5 vouchers in my purse, I must use them soon! I absolutely love Boots and all the promotions they have!
    Love the idea of blogger of the week too!

    <3 xo

  4. Cute dress - it's perfect for spring!

    I bought the all about eyes and the face wash with Glamour. Both of which I LOVE!

    I'm not a huge fan of the moisturizer I find it doesn't really feel like it's doing anything to my skin! Put that down to just my skin not agreeing with it though as the other Clinique products I've tried have been great! :)

    Blogger of the week is an awesome idea!

    Great post


  5. What a beautiful dress! You have an amazing body and it looks so good on you.

  6. I love floral and black together. Floral prints are very femenine but with a touch of black makes the outfuit more edgy. xx

  7. Love the flowery fab skirt!


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