Contemplations and Relaxation

[ My partner took this picture and by the looks of it, I was thinking about random things as per usual]

Today has been yet another lazy Sunday. I've contemplated doing many things but spent most of the day wandering round town and generally being lazy.

I did manage to pick up some lovely little items that I'd love to share with you:

I love this little jumper that I bought from Primark. It cost me £10 and I'm very impressed. The use of bold colours are great for the up coming months and although I'm not American, I love the American Flag design.

Yet again, it's another fab find from Primark. Time to get them straw hats ready and hit the hillsides. I love this checked little bandeau top. They also have dress versions but this suits me a lot better due to my height. Not too bad for £7.

 I have to say, I stand by what I said in my last post, Primark has definitely upped their game in the latest season and it i yet again becoming a triumph for quick fix fashion on a low budget. This little peach top is really cute and it's the perfect colour for the summer.

The Perfume...

So hooked on Carmella - Benefit

I love the new Chloe perfume and I've asked my to get it for my birthday but I wanted to treat myself before then, so I went to town and looked around.

I walked into Boots the other day and spent forever looking at perfumes, my poor partner was bored out of his mind. As I was walking out, I popped by my local Benefit counter,decided to try some of their products and fell in love with "So hooked on Carmella". The box that it came in

The scent reminds me of walking into an old sweetie shop and the old vanilla and rhubarb sweets that you could buy. That may sound weird but it smells divine. It's a mix between everything sweet that you love, with a floral essence.

The bottle is small but cute, has a vintage-esque design and resembles a cocktail shaker.  It would look perfect in any fashionista's handbag and I'm so happy that I bought this product. I have always had a passion for Benefit products and yet again, they have failed to disappointment me and I'm already planning my next purchases.




  1. I most absolutely love your American Flag Jumper!!! I am American and love all things with the Union Jack :) I totally wish I could purchase Primark stuffs because I keep on seeing lovely stuff from them! And that heart belt you're wearing is adorable. So super adorbs!

    hearts, laura ♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  2. I love all of your pieces! this perfume even looks like it smells good ;) great finds!


  3. i´m in love with your American Flag jumper... nice blog dear :)

  4. I love the first picture! Lovely! I lurve Primark, I'm sure I've said that, but I do! They have so much good stuff this season!

  5. Lovely photos, I am tempted to try that perfume now that you mention it :)

  6. I love your hearty belt! Followed

  7. I love everything!!! Great picks girly!

  8. You look great and like you are dreaming yourself away in the picture:)
    I wish we could buy Benefit in Denmark - I LOVE it. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog - Following you - hope you'll follow me back :O)
    A xox

  9. i actually do like that pink top and have always been a primark fan.

    found you through the FTF Community and am now following your blog. would love for you to follow me too!

  10. thanks for you comment! xxo


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