Boob Job for Christmas: The None-Surgical Approach

I've always opposed plastic surgery and I religiously believe that natural is best. However, we all have times when we think our bodies aren't up to par with our personalities and we start longing for a 'pick me up.'Going to the gym is clearly the way forward, but many of us don't have time. Even using certain gym equipement sometimes doesn't work, as we all have our stubborn areas.

Since losing weight, my body has gone through millions of changes. Yes, I'm looking healthy and when I'm wearing clothes, I feel so confident. It's when I'm naked in the bedroom or in my underwear in the changing rooms I feel under confident. I read an article in Marie Claire not so long ago called: ' I Miss Being Fat.'  I agree with the woman who wrote this article, when you reach your goal weight, you can be more insecure than when you originally started. People criticised me for 'being fat', but when I gained weight they didn't care as I was already chubby. When I was working out, they didn't tell me: " Don't be losing anymore weight, you'll disappear." It's a whole new world and even now, two years on - I'm still getting used to it.

My breasts are my recent insecurity. I used to have a bountiful FF bussom that attracted a whole lot of attention and slowly I've sunk down to a B. Admittedly, I prefer having smaller boobs as clothes are easy to find and bra's are incredibly cheap. Once you get past a D cup, finding a bra less than £10 seems impossible. I can now get three from 'Primarni'. What I miss is the perkiness. I feel like I've been breast feeding for half the human race with the amount they have sagged...well may that is a little over exaggerating. I needed a new confidence injection and something that looked a little more believable that triple XXX push up bra's from the high street. 


Instead of rushing to the nearest cosmetic surgeon, I decided to try the Pupa 4 Week Rapid Breast Enhance cream. The product promises to give a fuller effect, make skin feel firmer and if you use this religiously, it promises to increase your breast size by one cup size in 4 weeks. The product sounded like an answer to my prayers and a beginning to my dreams - I really couldn't wait to try it.

The product uses a gel called 'Volufiline', which has been proven to increase breast size.Volufiline is a none invasive treatment that works beneath the skin.The product stimulates your body to increase fat production in areas it is applied to. When I first used it, I found the gel quite cold, but I instantly noticed the softness of my skin. Since using it, I have noticed my boobs have appeared fuller and firmer. 


Unfortunately my breasts haven't gone up a cup size, but they do appear firmer and much more full of life. The product has given me a confidence boost and I have been shocked at how quickly it actually works. I think my breast size probably hasn't increased, due to the fact that I haven't used it every single day and on the back on the product, it pretty much says 'you need to use it as often as you can to see results'. I won't be asking for a new boob job this Christmas, just a new supply of this cream.

Have you tried any products like this?



  1. I've always had small boobs but got a taste of big boobs when I had my daughter. Sometimes I miss it but other times I remember how hard it was to fit into my shirts!! Love the idea of no-surgery implants!!

  2. I've never tried anything like this, but I am glad that you are getting positive results from it. I think whatever you have to do to feel confident and good about yourself, do it! Some things are right for certain people that aren't for others. It's all about being happy with yourself! :)

  3. No but i have the same problem myself so I will be giving this product a go :)n

    Nafisah xxx

  4. Like a comment above, Kat, I have small boobs, always have, b ut since being pregnant, I;ve been given the taste of a fuller bust and I have to say, I'm not coping too well with it after all these years of moaning.. I think it's more that I'm having to spend money up grading my bra drawer and I can only just fit in things/shirts/tops, I used to be ok in..
    I'll deffo bear this product in mind for the aftermath of having my baby, as I may require an 'uplift',lol

  5. you look so gorgeous! your hair and make up is so nice

  6. A boob job can give you confidence in your appearance and make you feel great about yourself. There is no longer any stigma attached to having breast augmentation and when you see how little this procedure can cost you will seriously consider having the procedure carried out tomorrow!
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