Babyliss Wave Envy

I always wanted to do something slightly different with my hair, I get bored so easily and when I was kindly asked to review this product, I couldn't say no. My hair is really thick and often difficult to do anything with, it takes me forever to curl my hair, so it usually ends up straight or tied up somehow.

First Impressions

Good points:

On first impressions when opening the box, I liked how simple the packaging was and the fact that it wasn't overflowing with waste,  I was really impressed with the cute little heat proof mat and the actual product seemed very simple to use.

Things that could be changed:

The only two things that I would change about this product is the fact that I find the instructions slightly vague and I would have liked a sectioning clip as a bonus, because most stylers tend to have these. The instructions could have been better with a little diagram for people who get confused easily like me, but overall the appliance is easy to figure out without the instructions anyway.

The Curling Process

I loved the fact that they are so easy to use, within 20 minutes my hair had gone from almost straight to incredibly wavy. The appliance has three different heat settings and heated up within two minutes, which is great if you're in a hurry.

The best way to wave your hair is to section it and do a tiny bit at a time.

I know I need my colour doing, but this is the effect the Babyliss Wave Envy has on  my hair, it took five seconds to do that piece and although it doesn't look like much, the end result is fab.

Ta-da. This is the finished result. 

The Babyliss Wave Envy can be bought from most hair and beauty places and of course department stores, but these came from Tesco Direct priced at £47.97, lower than quite a few places that I've seen before. I think that the product is definitely value for money, as I woke up the next day with my hair still wavy, so it clearly lasts. It's my best friends wedding tomorrow and I'll definitely be taking these with me in case I want my hair waved for the wedding, I'm obsessed with this new look.

Check out the rest of the Babyliss range at Tesco Direct too.

Have a fabulous weekend.



  1. Great review hun, thanks for sharing, I've been thinking of asking for this for christmas but wasn't sure how good it actually was. Love the results, looks amazing xxx

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  3. Oohh, I love that waver - It doesnt make it look crimped and the end result is really nice!x

  4. Awesome. I just recently purchased Hot Tools Deep Wave Iron and it is amazing. My hair stays wavy and looks good when I wake up the next day. It is always fun to find something new to do with your hair! :)

  5. I also just purchased a waver and have yet to use it. After your review I can't wait to try it myself!

  6. ive been wondering if i should get this or not, looks great :)


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